Shawn Marion’s Plan this Summer: Be Selfish

Well, moreso than usual: “As for returning to the Raptors next season, Marion, the free agent to be, would not commit one way or the other. Every indication he did give suggested that trip to Montreal may be his last taste of Canadiana until he returns next season as a member of a visiting team. Case in point was his reply when asked if he wanted to come back. ‘It’s definitely an option,’ Marion said, trying to sound open to the situation. ‘I’m going to keep all my doors open. I’ve got to weigh every (option) that I have. It’s a big opportunity I have this summer.’ The opportunity Marion speaks of is deciding where he wants to play. In a little over a year, he has gone from a first-place team in Phoenix to a bad Miami team and then this year left the improving Heat to join a struggling Raptors club. ‘I’ve got to worry about my future,’ Marion said when asked if the uncertainty of Chris Bosh remaining a Raptor factored into his own decision. ‘I’ve got to be selfish right now because I can’t worry about nobody, I’ve got to worry about myself.'”