Slamadamonth, SLAM #164: Tim Duncan

by April 16, 2014

tim duncan

Originally published in SLAM 164

Transcript of a formerly classified conversation between the US Virgin Island’s leading figure in robotics (voice A) and a former government official employed by the San Antonio Spurs (voice B):

VOICE A: …and be 7-feet tall? Sure. And we can make it so he’s from here if you like. No one would ever suspect… [UNINTELLIGIBLE] …swimming! [Laughter] I’m a little concerned about the humility part, though. Not sure we know how to do that yet.

VOICE B: Look, we don’t want this to be too obvious. If he’s great AND completely blasé about it, people will be so busy making jokes about how he must be a robot that no one will actually look into whether he actually IS a robot.

VOICE A: Fine, we’ll put in some sort of patch for the humility thing. Fair warning, though—it might only last 15 years.

VOICE B: Ehh, OK. We’ll deal with that when the time comes.


Russ Bengtson