Small Market Not Hindering Kevin Durant’s Endorsements

KD‘s spectacular play is once again proving that the notion of superstars needing to live and work in a large market to rake in ad dollars is simply a myth. Sorry, Knicks fans. From the Oklahoman: “I always told myself if I play the game the right way, if I always get better, things like this are going to come to me,’ Durant said. ‘I don’t have to go other places just to get this. I don’t want to sound like a prima donna. But if companies want to come out here and be a part of what I have going on, they’re going to have to come to Oklahoma City.’ That’s precisely what’s taking place before our eyes. Durant’s endorsement portfolio is a rapidly growing list that includes Nike, Gatorade, Panini America, EA Sports and Degree Men. Nike recently launched a viral social media campaign that presents Durant as the superstar next door. And on Monday, Durant excitedly watched his Degree Men Chain of Adventure video series in which he teamed up with adventure expert Bear Grylls on a specialized ‘ultimate alley-oop’ challenge. Durant then served as a judge for a group of locals competing in an alley-oop contest. Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez are the only other two athletes sponsoring Degree Men’s Chain of Adventure series. ‘For companies to come to Oklahoma City means a lot,’ Durant said. ‘That’s one thing that I wanted to do. I never wanted to go searching for anything. I never wanted to beg for any endorsements. Just let it all come to me by my play.'”