Stanley Johnson: ‘No One is Scared of Playing Against’ Kevin Durant

by April 01, 2016

The OKC-Detroit beef is now official.

Pistons rookie Stanley Johnson fired back at superstar forward Kevin Durant for dismissing the Pistons and former teammate Reggie Jackson and his antics as being “bush league.”

Johnson says that no one in Motown is shook by KD, and that he’s looking forward to facing the Thunder a couple of times next season.

Per the Detroit Free Press:

Maybe teammate Reggie Jackson enjoyed himself a bit too much toward the end of the Detroit Pistons’ 88-82 victory Tuesday night at the Palace of Auburn Hills. […] But things changed when he read the comments from Thunder superstar Kevin Durant, who said “I wanted to play against Detroit, for sure, but you know, it’s Detroit. Who cares about Detroit?” to explain his reasoning for skipping the game.


Johnson said such comments were “uncalled for” and said Durant “disrespected” the franchise. […] “If he wanted to have an impact on the game, he should have just played,” Johnson said after this morning’s shoot-around.


“No one is scared of playing against him on this side of town,” Johnson said. “Next year we have two games scheduled, and I know, for me, it’s circled on my schedule from now on.” […] “I don’t think we’re something to play with,” Johnson said. “I think we can be a playoff team and you gotta respect that. I think by saying that, he disrespected our whole team.”