Stephen Jackson Wants a Contract Extension from the Bucks

by June 30, 2011

Cap’n Jack, who’s entering the downslope of his career, would like a new deal in Milwaukee. Talk about getting into town with a bang (and then some.) From the Journal Times: “Jackson acknowledged he was initially bothered by the news of him being sent to his seventh NBA team. But he added that once the initial shock of the deal dissipated, he warmed up to the trade. He is eager for a fresh start and he is even more excited about the prospect of padding his bank account. During his press conference, Jackson said he considered himself to be not only ‘underrated’ but ‘underpaid.’ After the press conference, Jackson candidly told me he hopes to change the latter. Jackson said he had lobbied for a contract extension with the Bobcats and that his insistence for additional years was ‘directly’ tied in him being traded to Milwaukee. Jackson has two years left on his contract: $9.26 million this season and $10 million for the 2012-13 season. Jackson said he wants to play four more seasons, meaning he’s seeking a two-year extension from the Bucks that would expire when he is 37 years old.”