Stephon Marbury Attempting NBA Comeback

by September 12, 2017
stephon marbury nba comeback

After having his contract terminated in China, Stephon Marbury announced on Tuesday that he’s hoping to make on an NBA comeback.

Marbury, 40, hasn’t played in the NBA since the 2008-09 season, choosing instead to dominate in the Chinese Basketball Association.

The two-time All-Star posted on instagram, saying, “Yes, it’s true. An NBA comeback is coming. Love is love.”

I’m making a nba come back for the fans who want to see me play my last year as a pro. After hearing so many people say come back I finally prayed about it and gave it major thought.


I thought the perfect ending would of been retiring with the Beijing Ducks but it’s clear the GM had other thoughts which is fine. My love for the ducks will always be A1 from day 1.


I still have a lot of go in me as a player and at 40 being able to play at a high level is a gift. Being able to stay mentally focused and physically fit takes a different type of discipline. I’m motivated to make this the best year of my career as I end a 21 year long journey in the game I love.


It’s been a blessing to play 13 years in the nba and this year 9 years in China has groomed my game and my style of play. China made me sharp and consistent. We practice Monday-Wed from 9-11:45 and 3-5:45. Thursday one practice 9-11:45 and Friday-Sat same schedule as M-W.


I thought I would die at first coming from the NBA where you can’t practice that long before the season starts. Oh and we do that for over 40 days. This way of training can either break you or make you. I’d like to look at it as it made me.


So I’m ready and prepared to take on a challenge I once faced but with chips under my belt along with all that has come with winning chips in China. Statues, museum, green card, Honorary citizen, ambassador for the environmental protection bureau, key to the city, only 30 people ever to receive the key to the city of Beijing and MY PEACE something no one can ever take.


So with all of these things I feel complete and ready to turn towards the last page of my basketball dairy that I’ve been writing since 95 when I left Lincoln High.


I thank all of the positive energy from all those who showed it throughout my time away from the NBA. Thank you for always keeping it 100.

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