SVG: Leave Vince Carter Alone!

by January 21, 2010

Somehow, I don’t think Van Gundy’s pleas will receive much consideration from the media or basketball-watching public: “After the Orlando Magic’s 109-98 win over the Indiana Pacers at Amway Arena — one that featured a 6-point Carter performance on 2-of-8 shooting – SVG said this when asked about Carter’s continued funk: ‘Look, it’s just too much scrutiny on one guy. That’s all we come in and talk about every game. ‘What did you think of Vince, what did you think of Vince?’ We played well.’ You’re right, Stan … your team played well, but let’s keep things in perspective. You just punked the 14-28 Indiana Pacers. You should play well against the Pacers. Vince Carter should play well against the Pacers, too. But don’t tell us Vince Carter is under too much scrutiny, chief.”