Taj Gibson: Rajon Rondo Could Run for President

by August 28, 2017
rajon rondo taj gibson president

While Rajon Rondo has a bit of an enigmatic personality, he has earned the respect of his teammates along every stop of his career.

Last season, Rondo played a major role in bringing together a divided Bulls locker room in time for a hard-fought playoff series.

Rondo infamously called out Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade in an instagram post, and ultimately earned both player’s respect.

While guesting on the Open Run Podcast, one of Rondo’s former Bulls teammates, Taj Gibson, was asked to describe Rondo with just one word.

Gibson replied with the ultimate compliment (starting at 36:51):

Describe Rajon Rondo in one word. Whatever pops into your head.


Gibson: “President. He could run for President.”

Rondo has said that he wants to coach after his playing career.

If he ever has bigger aspirations, he’ll have the support of plenty of his peers.

Rajon Rondo Blasts Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade on Instagram