Timberwolves Fans Heckled Kevin Love After His Comments

by December 13, 2012

Kevin Love did his best to clarify what he meant when he ripped the people in charge of running the Minnesota Timberwolves. But it was too late, the damage had been done. Fans in Minny did not appreciate his candor, and let Love know about it last night. Per the Pioneer Press: “In addition to shooting 3 for 17 on Wednesday night, Dec. 12, against the Denver Nuggets, Timberwolves forward Kevin Love had to deal with trash-talking from fans at Target Center who didn’t appreciate his critical comments about the Wolves organization, team owner Glen Taylor and club president of basketball operations David Kahn. As Love struggled during the Wolves’ 108-105 victory, he admitted that he heard some heckling. Love said some of the comments might have been suitable for print ‘and some were not.’ … ‘I was ready for anything,’ Love said. ‘I heard some things. I’m not going sit here and call people ignorant or anything like that. Everybody takes a stance on something.’ Love was in the unusual position of getting heckled by Wolves fans after his public criticism of Taylor and Kahn appeared Tuesday in a story on Yahoo.com. Love declined to say what he heard, but he said he’s ‘heard worse … I have pretty thick skin.’ Love heard the normal cheers among the crowd of 16,444 during introductions of the starting lineups, but there were moments during the game in which Love had to maintain his focus after hearing choice words from fans. […] The relationship hit a snag Wednesday night, but Love said he would “never turn his back” on Wolves fans. ‘I’m always going to have the fans’ back,’ Love said. ‘They’ve had my back since Day One, even when some people were mad about the trade on draft night. As I continued to put work in, people noticed that. If we win, and I can get back to being me — and I will at some point — people will forget.'”