Today’s Wacky Lakers Story

by November 03, 2009

This week in the Lakers’ ongoing soap opera, we’ve got severed body parts and the introduction of fruit in Lamar’s diet: “First, though, the untold story of Phil Jackson’s left index finger and why it’s mummified in gauze and bandages right now: Jackson sliced the end of his finger completely off with a kitchen knife last week. Making the matter all the more peculiar, Jackson couldn’t find the small severed piece, so there was never even a question about stitching it back on. (Given that the piece was never found, we can and definitely should entertain ourselves with the sophomoric notion that the nub wound up in the meal and Jackson – or better yet, girlfriend Jeanie Buss – unknowingly ate it.) ‘Ron-Ron got me into eating oranges,’ said Odom, still in the early stages of rehab from his highly publicized candy addiction. ‘It’s funny, because we started to get it goin’ (against Atlanta) and we looked up and we’re up by like 20 … and he said to me, ‘How about those oranges?’ I just started laughing. You never know what to expect from my man.”‘