Tracy McGrady Touring China With a Humanitarian Message

by August 23, 2011

Most NBA players head overseas to hawk products and to build up their own personal brands, but Tracy McGrady is in China for something dubbed the “Feeling Love” tour: “During McGrady’s 2011 ‘Feeling Love’ tour, the Pistons guard will visit Beijing and Guangzhou cities as well as Anhui and Guizhou provinces to meet basketball fans, visit cancer patients and raise awareness for an environmental program. ‘I am honored to be back in China with my friends and those who love the great game of basketball,’ McGrady said Tuesday at a Beijing press conference. ‘I want to express to all of you how much I love China,’ he told fans. ‘We may be two countries, but we are one in our goals to further develop this wonderful sport, and to help those who suffer from cancer,’ he said. ‘Let’s join hands together and take care of our beautiful green earth, so that we all can have a healthier and better life.'”