Trevor Booker Expects Washington Wizards Fans to Boo Andray Blatche

by January 04, 2013

He was public enemy #1 when his tenure with the Washington Wizards was coming to a disastrous end last season. Andray Blatche, in his first back in DC tonight, can expect a less-than-warm reception from the Wizards faithful according to former teammate Trevor Booker. Per the WaPo: “Booker said he already knows what kind of reaction his former teammate will receive when he makes his debut in an opposing team’s uniform. ‘Probably a lot of boos,’ he said. ‘I heard they got extra security over on his bench, just in case somebody wants to throw stuff. So I don’t know how true that is.’ Booker then joked, ‘I hope he makes it out alive.’ Playing a reserve role with the Nets, Blatche has rebounded from his worst season in Washington. He is averaging 10.9 points and 5.8 rebounds and shooting a career-high 48.6 percent in just 20.4 minutes per game, the fewest minutes he’s received in nearly five years. […] Blatche’s final season in Washington unraveled after he developed a strained left calf and struggled to get back into shape. He lost his starting power forward job to Booker in January and played poorly when he came back. He later expressed his frustration over getting booed, claiming that it affected his performance. ‘It was definitely tough for us and him,’ Booker said. ‘He was out on the court, so we had to pass him the ball.'”