Very Few People Attended the Grizzlies/Bobcats Game

by January 11, 2011

The snow kept so many fans away from the arena, that those upper-deck dwellers who braved the weather conditions were invited to sit near the court. The Charlotte Observer has the details: “There were perhaps 200 people in the stands when the Charlotte Bobcats ran out for warm-ups about 20 minutes before tip-off. When Matt Carroll looked up to throw a T-shirt into the stands, he had to double-clutch to avoid tossing into 20 rows of unoccupied seats. Bobcats coach Paul Silas experienced just this sort of a game in Charlotte, while coaching the Hornets against the Golden State Warriors. There were about 1,500 at the Charlotte Coliseum that night because of an ice storm. It was so quiet that night, the referees had to warn the coaches and players not to cuss because fans would actually hear it. Several technicals were called that probably wouldn’t have normally.”