Vinny Del Negro to Baron Davis: You’re Still Out of Shape

by November 02, 2010

VDN hasn’t changed his stance on B-Diddy (who sat out last night with a knee injury); he still finds him a bit too chubby for his liking. From the Press-Enterprise: “Baron has incredible amounts of talent and ability,’ Del Negro said in his pre-game media conference, ‘but his focus needs to be on staying in condition and playing at a high level. And he hasn’t done that for a while, and I know he’s frustrated with that, but there’s things he has to do to correct that. We’ve tried to put him in position to correct that, and this is a setback right now, obviously, with his knee, and hopefully we can monitor that and get him back as soon as possible, but when he comes back, he needs to come back healthy and playing at a level that can affect the team in a positive way.’ Del Negro said he believes Davis can do what he’s asking. ‘But talking about it and doing it are two different things. So I think we’ve talked about that situation plenty, and now it’s up to Baron to make that commitment to get back into shape that he needs to and get back with the team and be a leader and a catalyst for this team in the right way. It’s really up to him. We’re here ready to support him 1,000 percent and we have every resource available to do that, and he has to take the lead.'”