Zach Randolph Explains Confrontation With Kendrick Perkins

Last week, Zach Randolph and Kendrick Perkins nearly came to blows following a game between the Memphis Grizzles and OKC Thunder. The NBA fined Randolph $25,000 for approaching Perkins near the locker rooms. Z-Bo went into detail about what happened between the two big men, and hilariously bragged about his fighting skills. Per the Oklahoman (via ESPN Radio): “Q: Did you whoop his ass? A: ‘Man, nah, I didn’t whoop his ass. That’s the thing about it…I was surprised. I was surprised.’ Q: What happened in the back that the NBA is fining you for, because nobody knows the story? A: ‘I mean, it really wasn’t, I just, they said because I went through the double doors. I guess I went on their side. So I don’t know.’ […] Q: But it appeared to me Perkins wasn’t talking to you. He was talking to Marc (Gasol), right? A: ‘Well, you know, when you’re talking to Marc you’re talking to me. So that’s how that roll. I’m talking about on the court or off the court. You know, and that’s the same way with him. I think he got made because Marc had just came — remember that move where Marc had crossed him over at the elbow and then had pumped faked? And I said, ‘Oh my gosh. Bust his butt, Marc’ running down the court.’ […] Q: And then in the back, did you try to go in their locker room? A: ‘Nah, I didn’t go in their locker room. It was some doors; I had went on their side. Their locker room was like right there to the left. But I had went through some doors in the hallway. And I went through the doors. But it was a lesson learned. It won’t happen again. I ain’t gonna lose no $25,000 again. I’m done with all that bluffing on the court, because them guys do a lot of bluffing. I’m from the bluff city. We don’t do no bluffing, man. (Laughs).’ Q: Do you think Perkins got the point? Do you think he probably thought ‘This guy’s a maniac?’ A: ‘(Laughs). I don’t know. Perkins know me, so he know what’s up.’ Q: Could you whoop his ass? A: ‘(Laughs). I’m good with these hands, man. I’m a jackin’ dude. I’m pretty good with these hands so…Hey, every day I came out the house I had to fight, you know. Me and my brother.'”