2020 BIG3 Roster Tracker

With the 2020 BIG3 regular season on the horizon, news has started to trickle out about which players and coaches we can expect to see on the 12 squads this summer.

While a key component of the BIG3 is the fact that the defending champions have the opportunity to run it back with their same lineup, the other 11 teams aren’t set in stone.

Captains and co-captains have the option to return to their BIG3 teams year after year but the rest of the players that round out the roster are distributed in the league’s annual offseason draft in May.

Below is a list of the of roster updates that we’ve confirmed ahead of the 2020 season. We’ll update this BIG3 roster tracker with additional information as it becomes available.


CoachLisa Leslie
CaptainJoe Johnson
Co-captainAl Jefferson
Co-captainJannero Pargo
PlayerJamario Moon
PlayerAlan Anderson
PlayerSergerio Gipson

Killer 3’s

No roster information available


CoachNancy Lieberman
CaptainCuttino Mobley
Co-captainRoyce White
Co-captainGlen Davis

3 Headed Monsters

No roster information available

3’s Company

No roster information available


CoachReggie Theus
CaptainJosh Smith
Co-captainWill Bynum
Co-captainMarreese Speights


CoachStephen Jackson
CaptainZach Randolph


CaptainNate Robinson

Ghost Ballers

CoachGeorge Gervin
CaptainRicky Davis
Co-captainMike Taylor


CoachMike Bibby
CaptainAndre Owens


No roster information available

Ball Hogs

No roster information available