‘Jordan Heads: Brooklyn’ Consignment Sneaker Boutique to Sell Only Air Jordans

We’ve been telling you about the forthcoming documentary Jordan Heads since we first got wind of the idea. We even enlisted the help of one of its subjects for our special issue SLAM Presents JORDANS Volume 1 earlier this year.

While we’re still waiting patiently for the movie to drop, in the meantime our friends behind the film are launching a brand new project—the first all-Jordans consignment sneaker store in Brooklyn, New York. The word “excited” doesn’t begin to explain how we’re feeling about this. We don’t have a ton in the way of details just yet, but just know: It’s coming.

Here’s what we do know, from our friends at Jordan Heads:

Jordan Heads: Brooklyn is an all Air Jordan consignment sneaker boutique.


At Jordan Heads: Brooklyn you will be able to obtain those elusive J’s that you missed on a Saturday release, or the ones you always wanted as a kid.


Located in Brooklyn, New York, the birth place of Michael Jordan, the shop will be the premiere destination for Jordan Heads worldwide.

For now, head over to JordanheadsBK.com to stay updated on information about the grand opening and more!