Nike’s ‘Designs that Changed the Game’ Project (KICKS)

by July 23, 2012


Images courtesy of Nike

Today, Nike Basketball kicks off its “Designs that Changed the Game” project, which will bring a fresh installment each day from now until August 11, featuring never-before-seen sketches, retro ads and unique photos. For more on the series and to follow along, click here for the full Nike release. We’ll be posting some of our favorites along the way, so stay tuned for more updates.

The first of the featured sneakers is the Nike Air Force 180 Low, born in 1992. Its most notorious endorser was Charles Barkley, and in the words of Phil Knight, “Technology has always been the thing that drives, motivates and consumes us. The Air 180 is the product of that obsession.” Head over to Nike to learn more!