Acting Cavaliers Head Coach Larry Drew: We Are Rallying Around Tyronn Lue

After the Cavaliers secured a 120-95 victory over the Suns on Friday night, acting head coach Larry Drew told reporters that the situation regarding Tyronn Lue has motivated the team, via ESPN‘s Dave McMenamin:

“Sometimes you have to play the hand that’s dealt to you,” Drew said after Cleveland’s fifth win in six games. “And certainly, it was unfortunate what happened with Coach Lue. And the way our guys have responded … You go through the course of a season, and you deal with a lot of different things. And when you do that, you don’t know whether you’re going to be able to overcome it.

“And I think for our team, we really rallied, No. 1, around Coach Lue, when the organization made the decision that he was going to step away for a few games. We rallied around him. We rallied around one another.”

Lue, who is dealing with chest pains and other serious symptoms, has been away from the Cavs almost a week. With the squad set to embark on a three-game road trip, it has yet to be determined whether Lue will be joining them.

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