Anderson Varejao, $50 Mil, and You

by July 09, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Not sure about the rest of you out there, but I had a tough time sleeping last night. I mean, if this is now a world in which Anderson Varejao is worth $50 million (according to the voices inside Danny Ferry’s mind, anyway), is it a world any of us really want to live in?

The Plain Dealer sifts threw the financial wreckage:

The Cavs have agreed on a new contract with forward Anderson Varejao, agent Dan Fegan said Wednesday…Varejao, the team’s versatile big man who became a starter last season, is set to get a six-year contract that could be worth as much as $50 million.

Varejao had interest from several teams, including the Portland Trail Blazers and Oklahoma City Thunder, and other potential sign-and-trade offers from other teams without salary-cap space. Fegan said several teams were willing to offer Varejao contracts that averaged $10 million per season.

I joked on Twitter that this was just a ploy by the Cavs’ GM to take the attention away from LeBron and the folks who make his running shoes following DunkGate, and I still haven’t heard a more reasonable explanation for this deal.

Feel free to help me out in the comments below.