Andrew Bynum is Dropping Kareem

by October 02, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Andrew Bynum no longer needs Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s tutelage. Well, he thinks he doesn’t, anyway.

The young fella — who has been billed as the key to the Lakers’ future since the day he arrived in SoCal — thinks he’s gotten all that he can from the greatest scorer in NBA history. In fact, the two didn’t even speak this past summer.

As one might expect, Kareem isn’t exactly thrilled with the new relationship (or lack thereof.)

The Daily News reports:

Sources close to the team said that Abdul-Jabbar will be playing a lesser role with both the Lakers and Bynum this season. With his round-the-clock tutoring of Bynum not needed as much, sources said Abdul-Jabbar would likely spend less time with the team and more time back in his hometown of New York City. All of which seems to be a considerable letdown for the former Lakers captain, who has worked closely with Bynum since the Lakers drafted him out of high school in 2005.

Abdul-Jabbar expressed disappointment in Bynum and the situation, saying that “I think there are things that have to do with basketball that he could learn but he’s getting on in years.” Bynum said he understood his mentor’s feelings, but that it’s not personal and just a natural evolution for him in his career.

Man, I’m telling you. Kids these days …

Bynum says one of his goals this season is to make the All-Star team. Not sure how familiar Young Andrew is with NBA history, but Kareem might have some useful advice about how to make it to the mid-season classic. Cap only went there, oh, 19 times.

It remains to be seen if Bynum can figure things out on his own.