You Can Buy Michael Jordan’s Converse Sneakers from the 1984 Olympics

OK, so your closet is filled with all types of Air Jordan kicks. But do you have the Cons that Mike wore in the early 1980s before signing with Nike? Didn’t think so.

A man who served as a ball boy for the 1984 USA men’s basketball team at the Olympics is auctioning off a precious pair that Michael Jordan rocked in the gold medal-winning match against Spain. Per ESPN:

The shoes are white Converse, the brand Jordan wore at North Carolina, thanks to a $10,000 a year deal that was given to his coach, Dean Smith, at the time.


Grey Flannel’s Michael Russek said the auction house verified the chain of custody of the shoes by confirming that the consignor was indeed a ball boy and being presented with photos of him in the locker room in Los Angeles. He said that Jordan signed the shoes at the time before handing it to the consignor. […] If the shoes were indeed worn by Jordan for the gold medal game in August 1984, it would be the last pair of shoes he wore in a competitive game as an amateur.


Bidding for the shoes will start at $5,000, the same price Grey Flannel started at for the shoes it sold from Jordan’s famous “Flu Game” shoes from the 1997 NBA Finals. Those shoes sold for $104,765 in December, a record for the highest price ever paid for a pair of Air Jordans.