Deron Williams Squashes Beef With Jerry Sloan

Seven years following their acrimonious and shocking breakup, Deron Williams buried the hatchet with Jerry Sloan.

D-Will, 34, says “stubbornness and nerves” had kept him from reaching out to his old coach.

Williams played six seasons in Utah, and six more after being traded by the Jazz.

Per the team website:

“It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years,” Williams said. “Just kind of stubbornness and nerves and all that played a part in why I never reached out.”

That changed earlier this summer. Seven years after his falling out with Jerry Sloan prompted the Hall of Fame coach’s resignation—and Williams’ eventual trade out of Utah—the point guard found himself face to face with his old coach.

Sitting at a table in Sloan’s home office, the two men had their first extended conversation since what Williams refers to as “the infamous day.” Williams is 34 now, older and more contrite. Sloan is now 76. His health is deteriorating and, as he battles Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia, he can lose his train of thought.

“But I’ll tell you what,” Williams said, “he does remember a lot. That’s for sure. The good, the bad, the ugly.”

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