Pistons Grant Derrick Rose’s Playoff Race Wish

Derrick Rose was recently traded from the Detroit Pistons to the New York Knicks, in a deal that would reunite him with his former coach Tom Thibodeau. In their first season together in 2011, Rose won the NBA Most Valuable Player Award and the two of them had great chemistry. 

After his debut with the Knicks this season, Rose talked about this special bond with Thibodeau.

“We’re an odd couple. We understand the game. We’re students of the game. Wherever I go, wherever he goes, he’s always trying to win and I’m on the same page.”

For Rose, this opportunity appears to be exactly what he wanted. Not only will he get to play under Thibodeau again, but he feels that the Knicks have a chance to make the playoffs. 

According to Peter Botte of The New York Post, during Rose’s finals days in Detroit, he was upfront with Pistons Head Coach Dwane Casey about the type of situation he wanted to be in. 

“Coach, I’ve only got so many miles left in my legs. I want to make sure I go to a situation where I may have a chance to make the playoffs this year.” 

The Knicks are currently the No. 10 seed in the Eastern Conference. This season, the top ten teams in each conference will have the opportunity to make the playoffs through a play-in tournament. As it stands now, it appears Derrick Rose will have the opportunity to help his new team get to the postseason.