Draymond Green Says Anthony Davis Could Win MVP This Season

Draymond Green thinks that Anthony Davis has a chance to steal the MVP award this season.

On Thursday, Green said AD might win MVP if he keeps putting up historical numbers and the Pelicans keep winning (starting at 5:09):


“If [the Pelicans] keep winning at the rate they’re winning and [Anthony Davis] keeps playing at the rate he’s playing, who knows what happens.

“What I will say is, James has been second two times. And both of those years, he’s lost to historic seasons. The season Steph beat him, Steph was just off the charts. And then Russ had what, 50 triple-doubles last year.” […]

“I know if you’re him, you’re sitting there like, ‘Man, now here come AD putting up different historical stat lines every night.'”

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