Draymond Green Responds To Twitter User’s Death Threat

by May 07, 2018

Warriors forward Draymond Green is accustomed to hearing boos on the road, and Sunday in New Orleans was no different.

One Pelicans fan, however, went way over the line, issuing a death threat to Green over Twitter: “I hope Draymond Green gets shot in the face as soon as he leaves the arena; which looking at the city-wide stats is like 37 percent,” comedian Andrew Polk wrote.

The post has since been deleted, and Polk issued an apology: “I tweeted a very dumb thing meant to be an edgy joke. As a frustrated basketball fan, I go through ups and down, and as a comedian, I don’t always express those in a digestible way. I wish no harm to anyone over a simple game, and I apologize sincerely.”

Asked about the incident during his postgame press conference, Green had a powerful response, via SI‘s Ben Golliver:

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