Draymond: ‘I Wouldn’t Be Half the Defender’ without Bogut

Warriors forward Draymond Green admits that he “wouldn’t be half the defender” without the teaching of former teammate Andrew Bogut.

In a conversation with Donovan Mitchell on Tuesday, Draymond said that he “owes all of my success to him defensively.”

“[Andrew Bogut] showed me one of the most important things you could ever teach me. He showed me how to guard the post. I’ll never forget it.

“My first day out at Golden State, he was teaching me different things you could do that you couldn’t do at college. And throughout the course of that year, just teaching me positioning and stuff like that.

“I wouldn’t be half the defender I am without Andrew Bogut. He taught me so much about defense that I owe all my success to him defensively.”

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