Gilbert Arenas: ‘I Just Didn’t Have a Full Career’

Gilbert Arenas did not enjoy a “full career” and the three-time NBA All-Star is at peace with that.

Arenas, 37, says he “didn’t respect” the torn meniscus he suffered in 2007, and watched his once-promising career fizzle out in 2012.

Agent Zero stays busy these days taking care of his five children, hooping in the BIG3 and hosting his own podcast.

Per Bleacher Report:

“I just didn’t have a full career,” he says. “Some people can’t move on because they can’t let go.” He’s laughing a little bit, as he often does when addressing heavy matters. “You gotta let it go and keep moving. It wasn’t meant. Keep going, keep fighting for something else.”

On April 3, 2007, he poured in 33 points in 39 minutes, his 35th 30-point game of the year. On April 4, he played two minutes before hitting the deck, writhing in pain with the torn meniscus. Arenas had never been injured before; in the following months, he rushed to return to form.

“I didn’t respect the injury,” he says. “I’m sitting there just trying to go—let’s go, there’s no time, Kobe [Bryant]’s out there working.”

His career entered a free fall; his legacy in D.C. was badly tarnished.

“The thing that hurt the most was, you do a hundred things right and one thing wrong, they harp on the one thing wrong,” Arenas says. “No matter how they used my name, it was, ‘locker room gun thing.’ ‘He saved 10 babies from a burning building!’ ‘Yeah, the guy who brought a gun into the locker room.'”

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