Gilbert Arenas Compares LaVar Ball to Lil’ Penny

by August 09, 2017
gilbert arenas lavar ball lil penny

When trying to describe the dynamic between Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball and his father, Gilbert Arenas likened LaVar Ball to Penny Hardaway’s classic Nike character, Lil’ Penny.

“He’s the one who brings life into [Lonzo],” Arenas said.

Via TMZ (starting at 1:52):

The outlandish comments aren’t going to hold back Lonzo or LaMelo?


Arenas: “No, they’re two different people.


“It’s like Penny Hardaway and Lil’ Penny as his talking voice. That’s who [LaVar] is.


“It’s Lonzo, and then LaVar is the Lil’ Penny doll. He’s the one who brings life into [Lonzo].


“So it’s a perfect match.”

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Lil’ Penny image via Pinterest