Here’s Your Weekly Dose of Shaq Dissing Other Centers

by Marcel Mutoni

Seems like he does this almost every week, doesn’t it?

Shaquille O’Neal was back it last night, following his Suns’ loss in Portland. When the subject of his his little tiff with Joel Przybilla during the game was broached (plus his thoughts on Greg Oden), reporters in the locker room perked up as they knew that some typically Shaq-esque responses were on their way.

Hoopsworld got the quotes:

“He said I threw the ball at him and I said, yeah. That’s what I did. So what? Do something about it. I’m not much of a talker.” When asked if he could receive a fine for admitting he “threw the ball” at Przybilla, Shaq quickly corrected himself.

“I didn’t throw it. I dropped it. Hey, it doesn’t matter to me – whatever they do. It’s been done before. You move on. I just dropped it. He was in the way. If he wouldn’t have flopped and been on the floor, he wouldn’t have been down there.” You don’t like the floppers do you, asked one reporter. “No. It just shows you are giving in. The referees are probably going to go for that every time. You’ve got to now (flop). It’s the only way you can stop a person. It’s kind of crazy the refs go for that.”

So what did Shaq think of Oden? “I don’t. I’m a Shogun. You can’t ask me about a low level ninja. I still have to worry about Yao Ming, Dwight Howard.”

Someone should poll big men that O’Neal has gone up against in his career, and figure out how many have had to seek some sort of emotional counseling following his barbs.