Jeremy Lin On Beijing Rumors: Nothing Is Official Until I Say Something

Nine-year NBA veteran Jeremy Lin remains interested in playing basketball, though the reports of him joining the Chinese Basketball Association may be a little premature.

“Nothing is official until I say something,” Lin said during an event in Beijing, as writer Jia Lei relays on Twitter. Lin is reportedly being offered over $3 million to play for the Beijing Ducks, according to Song Xiang of the Beijing Youth Daily (h/t Jonathan White of the South China Morning Post).

The point guard won an NBA championship with the Raptors this past season. He made it through several waves of free agency without a deal and the point guard recently discussed how not getting an NBA deal has weighed on him.

“Free agency has been tough cause I feel like in some ways the NBA’s kind of given up on me,” Lin said late last month.

Lin started last season with the Hawks, backing up Trae Young and helping the No. 5 overall pick develop as a player. He’s played for eight NBA teams since making his NBA debut in 2010.