Kyle Korver Was Once Traded for a Copy Machine

The then-New Jersey Nets sent Kyle Korver to Philadelphia after drafting him in 2003.

The Sixers’ money was then used to pay for Summer League fees and to purchase a copy machine.

Korver, 38, triumphantly told graduates at his alma mater during a commencement speech that his NBA career outlasted the copy machine.

Per The NY Post:

“The 51st pick, to the New Jersey Nets,” Korver said Saturday, as he delivered a commencement speech at his Creighton alma mater, “I found out shortly afterwards that I had been traded to Philly. I’m not sure if traded is the right word.

“I was more or less sold for an undisclosed amount of money. I later found out (the Nets) used that money to pay for the entry fee for their summer league team, and with the leftover money, they bought a copy machine.”

“We gave away a good player for summer league,” then-Nets general manager Rod Thorn told Grantland in 2014. “It was just one of those things we had to do. At least, that’s how I rationalized it.”

As for that copy machine?

“…A couple of years ago, that copy machine broke. And I’m still playing.”

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