Lakers Better Without Bynum? George Karl Thinks So

by February 27, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

The Lakers are visiting Colorado and George Karl’s Nuggets tonight, and the Denver coach is playing some weird mind game, that perhaps only he understands.

According to Karl, the Lakers (owners of the League’s best record) are a better team without their injured big man, Andrew Bynum. The Denver Post reports:

And they seemingly haven’t missed a beat after losing Bynum to a knee injury Jan. 31 — although it doesn’t seem Karl is overly impressed with Bynum anyway.

“Don’t you have to make the statement that maybe they are better without Bynum?” Karl said. “Why do we always say Bynum? How many games has he played with this team? I like Bynum, but sometimes you can have too much talent out there. That can kind of be confusing.”

Yes, the Lakeshow has gone 12-1 since Young Andrew went down with a knee injury against Memphis, but exactly how this makes them a better team (especially once the postseason rolls around) is something that George Karl will need to explain to the masses in clearer detail.

Speaking of Bynum, his rehab seems to be coming along nicely, which is a sure sign that his team is doomed.