Larry Brown Looking to Coach Again… in College

by March 21, 2011

LB will scratch that coaching itch no matter what, even it means returning to the college ranks (something his former pro team thinks he’ll succeed at, for what it’s worth.) From Yahoo!: “Now Brown, 70, is interested in a return to the college ranks. ‘I was a college coach and did OK,’ Brown [said]. ‘I was a pro coach and did reasonably well. Kids want to be in the NBA, and if you can coach and teach and get them ready for the NBA and you’re at a good school, I think you’d have an unbelievable head start on a lot of people. I’ve always tried to get players better, whether as a college coach or a pro coach. Two minutes on the floor on the first day of practice, players know whether you can coach or not.’ The idea of Brown in the NCAA may come out of the blue. It isn’t without merit, though. Brown is correct that the NBA is the chief motivation for many recruits. If he was able to put together a young staff that’s connected within grassroots basketball, then why wouldn’t a top player consider playing for him? And it’s not like he’s been out of basketball the past few decades – who else has coached Allen Iverson, maximized Chauncey Billups and Ben Wallace and still counts Michael Jordan as a close friend? He knows almost everyone. Besides, what candidate out there is a better actual coach than this guy?”