Lauri Markkanen Remembers John McCain: ‘I Will Be Forever Grateful’

by August 27, 2018
lauri markkanen john mccain

Among the tributes for John McCain after his passing, Bulls forward Lauri Markkanen thanked the late senator for helping him obtain a United States visa.

In 2016, Markkanen traveled from Finland to the United States, where he played collegiately for one season at Arizona.

The 7-foot forward would go on to be selected No. 7 overall by the Chicago Bulls in the 2017 NBA Draft.

“He was having trouble with his visa and they went to our office and we helped out with the visa,” McCain told ABC in March of 2017.

“He had to have a student visa, and there was some question about whether he was actually a student or not in Finland. […] We just kind of weighed in and said, ‘Hey, how about expediting this?’”