LeBron James ‘Almost Cracked’ During Lakers’ Early Struggles

LeBron James knows the Lakers aren’t where they need to be 12 games into the season.

After a close loss to the Wolves on the road last month, James aired out to reporters that no one would want to be around him when his patience ran out.

He recently told Yahoo’s Chris Haynes that he had to remind himself that he was coming to a young rebuilding squad, so extra patience was necessarily.

“I haven’t changed anything outwardly, but you know me. You know how I am. I almost cracked [last week].

“I had to sit back and remind myself, ‘[Expletive], you knew what you were getting yourself into. This process has been good for me. I just have to continue being patient.”‬

The team, currently on a three-game winning streak, still has some issues to fix if they want to bring the Purple and Gold back to prominence.

James, a 14-time All-Star, is averaging 26.4 points and shooting 50.4 percent from the field this season. The Lakers (7-6) look to extend their wins to four in a row Wednesday at home against Portland.

LeBron James: ‘You Probably Don’t Want to Be Around When My Patience Runs Out’