LeBron James & Kevin Durant Played Football, Made a Song and Hooped in 2011

by September 09, 2018
LeBron James, Kevin Durant

There were no rules back in the summer of 2011. The League and the NBPA were in the middle of a heated labor dispute, leaving NBA players free to go and play wherever they pleased without the League or their teams governing them. Kevin Durant took full advantage, touring the country, bringing a barrage of buckets from city to city. In addition to hitting up New York and Los Angeles, he also made his way to Akron, OH, to link up with LeBron James.

As the two best players in the world, it was a moment when the two of them decided to hoop together. And that’s how their time with one another started, in the gym. They worked out, trading jumpers and improving their dribbling.

But then they hit the gridiron to play a game of flag football. Team LeBron won in a Madden-like game, with the final score being 70-63.

And they also recorded a song, rhyming about the burden of being the best in the world.

“It ain’t easy on the path I’m on/But put the world on my back ’cause I’m that strong.” – LeBron

And then came the on-court insanity. KD hit LeBron for 59 points in Baltimore.

They also played on the same team twice. Bron had a 30-point game while KD put up a 48-point effort.

Then came the game in OKC, when they played on the same team again. Durant had an astounding 42 points, 26 rebounds and 11 assists. He and Bron lifted their squad to a 176-171 win in OT.

Two of the greatest to ever do it.

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