Lonzo Watches LiAngelo’s Workout with Lakers 👀

by May 29, 2018

Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball was in the building to support his brother, LiAngelo, during his pre-draft workout with the team on Tuesday.

Lonzo watched the entire two-hour workout at the Lakers’ training facility.

Footage from the workout is limited, as the media was only allowed to observe Gelo performing the team’s final drill—dubbed the “Mentality Drill.”

After the workout, LiAngelo told reporters that that Lonzo has helped him during the pre-draft process because “he’ll tell you things you may not hear [otherwise].”

“[Lonzo] didn’t tell me too much. He just said, ‘Be ready and be prepared.’

“I mean, that’s a given. You got to come to these workouts ready to go. You can’t come in slacking, so I already knew.”

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