MICHAEL JORDAN is still alive

by March 13, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

In a move that people probably won’t care much about in any way, MICHAEL JORDAN, who is a part-owner of the team, has announced that Bernie Bickerstaff will not be the head coach of the Charlotte Bobcats next season. With Jordan calling the shots, Bickerstaff knew he would no longer have a shot at moving on from coach to front office shot caller, much like what Larry Bird did in Indiana. Sort of.

What this means is that MJ is talking to the media about his basketball job again, something he has not done since June. And oh yeah, Bernie is invited to stay on board with the mystery consortium that owns the Bobcats. Bob Johnson? Nelly? MJ? Who can keep track anymore.

Bernie Bickerstaff was not doing the greatest job of coaching a team with pretty low expectations. Gerald Wallace is having a good year and the Cats claim to be interested in making him one of the big pieces of their future to go along with Okafor, Morrison, Felton… wait a second. This team has a lot of talent and they are in the East. Good bye Bernie!

Let the coaching search begin. Doug Collins is available to team up with MJ once again.