Raymond Felton to Golden State?

by December 19, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

These Raymond Felton trade rumors simply refuse to go away. And this time, his hometown paper has a possible destination for the soon-to-be (restricted) free agent guard.

Don Nelson and the Golden State Warriors reportedly wants to get their hands on the twenty-four year old.

From the Charlotte Observer:

The Warriors and Bobcats have had discussions about Felton, an NBA source told the Observer, and the Warriors appear open to giving up either Randolph or Wright to make a deal work.

Bobcats general manager Rod Higgins would neither confirm, nor deny, talks with the Warriors involving Felton. Higgins came to the Bobcats two years ago from a similar role with the Warriors.

The ‘Cats are (understandably) enamored with rookie D.J. Augustin, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they want to get rid of Felton.

I want this trade to happen, if only for the slight chance that Michael Jordan and Brandan Wright would, at last, settle their “beef” on the court.