Reps Fighting To Change Perception Of Carmelo Anthony

The latest strategy to get ten-time All-Star Carmelo Anthony on to an NBA roster is his representatives’ behind-the-scenes fight to change his league-wide perception, according to’s Sean Deveny.

Deveny notes that Anthony’s representatives are working ‘aggressively’ to sway potential suitors of his current value. The 35-year-old’s reputation has taken several hits since 2017, his final season with the Knicks.

After departing New York — following a 31-51 season — Anthony went through a trying stint with the Thunder that resulted in OKC’s first-round playoff elimination. Last season, Anthony joined the Rockets, a union that lasted just 10 games before he was removed from the roster.

Anthony has not suited up for an NBA team since.

He has been the scapegoat for a few teams that didn’t play up to their potential,” one source said to Deveny. “Obviously that is sticking with him.”

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According to Deveny, Anthony’s camp is actively advocating that the future Hall of Famer isn’t a ‘team-killer’ as some portray and that he’s shouldered far more than his fair share of blame for some of his previous team’s misfortunes.

The year after Anthony’s departure, the Thunder won just one more regular season game and still exited the playoffs after one round. After his Rockets tenure ended, Houston still needed several months to right the ship.

Even with Anthony’s noted defensive shortcomings, he was still able to average 13.4 points in 10 games with Houston last year. As Deveny notes, it’s the reputation of a “team cancer” or inability to accept a lesser role that’s holding Anthony back.

As another source noted to the scribe, the attention Anthony generates is actually part of a two-part pitch to teams of his current value.

Not only can Anthony still score in bunches, but the coverage Anthony will generate and his ability to navigate large media markets makes him an asset.

That’s the idea,” the source said. “He’s got a lot of friends in the league, he is liked by other players. He’s got friends in the media.

Deveny mentions the Lakers, Clippers and Nets — all big market teams who Anthony can assist by deflecting attention from other prominent storylines. Just last week, it was reported that Anthony’s close friends Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant were pushing Brooklyn to sign him.

When TMZ got a hold of Anthony and asked him about the Brooklyn reports, he was mum and mostly heralded his off-court relationship with the likes of Irving and Durant.

On the same note, he sounded at peace with whatever the future held.

I appreciate all my fans. Everybody, it’s nothing but love,'” he said. “I’m good. Me and my family good. That’s all that matters. I’m Ten toes down. I feel better than I’ve ever felt.

But based on everything heard and seen from Anthony, he’d be a lot happier with a mere chance to close out his Hall of Fame career in an NBA uniform.