The SLAM #ThemHands Hall of Fame: Jerry Stackhouse

by May 31, 2018

#ThemHands is back to induct another legend into the Hall of Fame: Two-time All-Star, and current head coach of the Raptors 905 G League team, Jerry Stackhouse.

Growing up as one of 11 children (with seven older brothers), Stack often had to defend himself. He learned to fight for what he got and to never back down — traits he brought to the game of basketball.

Throughout his 18-year career, Stackhouse was definitely not reluctant to share #ThemHands, getting into on-court altercations with Dennis Rodman, Jeff Hornacek, Alonzo Mourning and more.

Stack was also known to square up behind closed doors. He reportedly fought Kirk Snyder in the tunnel after a game and gave Christian Laettner a black eye on a plane when the two were teammates.

“There’s a couple words that you just don’t say to this man,” Stackhouse told the crew on ESPN‘s Highly Questionable. “If you say it to this man, then we got problems.”

That’s a fact. And that’s precisely why Stack joins Tracy McGrady and Charles Oakley in the Hall.

Stay tuned for more entries and remember to keep #ThemHands ready.

“#ThemHands” is defined by Webster’s dictionary as the exchange of punches during an altercation in an NBA game, or the preparedness to do so should the moment require such generosity.

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