Slamadamonth, SLAM #179: Josh McRoberts

April 20, 2014: The Bobcats forward hammers it home over Birdman.
by June 17, 2014


A Charlotte Bobcats Playoffs highlight reel would be short—it could probably qualify as a trailer—even if padded with footage of a morose Michael Jordan moping on the sidelines. They have won zero Playoff games in their 10-year history, their sole post-season appearance before this year being a 4-0 sweep at the hands of the Orlando Magic in 2010.

The same could be said for high-flying Josh McRoberts, who before this season played in all of 11 Playoff games with the Pacers and Lakers, totaling 95 minutes and 27 points. At least he made it out of the first round with the ’12 Lakers, playing in three games of their semifinal loss to the Thunder. (Take that, pre-Spurs Tracy McGrady!)

The Bobcats Playoff win total didn’t change this year, since they, um, lucked into playing the Heat in the first round. But Josh McRoberts got a wonderful addition to his own highlight reel in Game 1, as he lost LeBron James on a pick-less roll and threw a one-handed dunk over Chris Andersen—on Easter Sunday, no less. And with that full beard and those flowing locks, it was clear: McBeezus had risen again.—Russ Bengtson