Traffic Stop Involving Anthony Morrow Under Investigation

NBA veteran Anthony Morrow feels like he was racially-profiled during a traffic stop last week, which is now being investigated.

Morrow, 31, says he was “humiliated on the side of the road” by a pair of cops, who searched his vehicle near Commerce, Georgia.

According to the police, Morrow was pulled over due to the tint on the windows of his car.

Per the Charlotte Observer:

Morrow was driving from Charlotte to Atlanta early Thursday evening, to pick up his 8-year-old daughter and drive her back to Charlotte. At 5:41 p.m., according to the press release, he was pulled over by a state trooper. Morrow said he provided his license, registration and insurance card, and was immediately asked if there were any “drugs, large sums of money or guns” in his car.


Morrow said no, and then the trooper asked about a sweet smell within the car. Morrow said that was air freshener. The patrolman asked to search his car, and Morrow declined permission.


“They didn’t give me a warning, they didn’t give me a ticket,” Morrow said. “They are lying.”


Morrow said he was frisked and his car was searched extensively along the highway.


“I was humiliated on the side of the road,” Morrow said. “I had my (car’s) hood up and the trunk up. How much more did they need (to establish he wasn’t in possession of anything illegal)?”