Vaguely Literary: Jeremy Lin x A Canticle for Leibowitz

Jeremy Lin, we know you’re a Harvard man, so one would believe that you have read your share of classic literature. A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller Jr is the right book for you at this time. It’s the story of survivors in America putting the country back together, hundreds of years after nuclear devastation. Science and knowledge are abandoned with the rise of the simpletons just like how the Brooklyn Nets were once a team guided by All-Stars and hype, but now stay rebuilding.

Into this void comes Jeremy Lin, an intelligent man. When you unleashed Linsanity on an unsuspecting world, you realized a dream, setting the NBA on fire. Of course there were powers that tried to crush you, making a martyr out of your time as the star of the league, because that dream couldn’t be allowed to flourish. This is where Leibowitz and his future disciples find themselves. The world, in your case, the Brooklyn Nets, needs to be revived. As the heart of the rebuilding in Brooklyn, this is your task. The novel takes place over centuries, while the human race keeps making the same mistakes time and time again, like NBA GMs. Can you be the savior your world needs? The Nets are Jeremy Lin: a long shot, a moment in time of greatness, some good moments, but still looking for a home. You’re a busy man these days, but Canticle is essential reading to understand your unique place in the universe.

Sam Rubenstein is a SLAM contributing writer and a high school English teacher in Brooklyn. Follow him on Twitter @SamRubenstein.

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