Victor Oladipo’s Pregame Rituals Include Noodles & Company and Shrek

Victor Oladipo told media that he keeps things extremely consistent when it comes to pregame rituals.

“Once I do something and I like it, I’m not going to change … I watched Home Alone 1 last night, it was pretty good y’all. I watch the same four, five movies all the time before I go to sleep. It’s like Home Alone, Home Alone 2, Shrek, Mulan and I might throw in something different on the fifth one, but those four are my main right before I go to sleep. When I’m at home, I eat Noodles & Company before every game, and I get the same exact thing every game. Every single game, before a game. It’s weird stuff like that I do, I guess you can call it a pregame ritual or routine.”

Going to need to see Oladipo tell teams “Get out of my swamp!” after victories in Indianapolis this year.

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