Report: West Coaches, Execs Don’t Fear Warriors Without Stephen Curry

by April 11, 2018
execs coaches warriors stephen curry

Several Western Conference coaches and executives reportedly don’t fear the Warriors in the playoffs without Stephen Curry.

During the Warriors’ 79-119 blowout loss to Utah on Tuesday, “several coaches and execs” told ESPN’s Zach Lowe that they’d rather play Golden State than the Thunder or Jazz in the first round.

“I was talking with several coaches and execs from teams in the West morass from 3 to 8, 9. The fear factor for the Warriors without Curry does not exist.

“There are people who will say, ‘I’d rather play the Warriors right now in the first round than the Thunder or the Jazz.'” […]

“These are G-chats and texts that are happening last night during the Jazz’ destruction of a team that clearly doesn’t care very much.”

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