IMG Basketball Training Series: Finishing

by May 26, 2015

1) Under-the-Rope Finishes (2 people needed to hold jump rope)

Purpose/Benefits: To emphasize being low to the ground and creating space by exploding toward the rim in only 1 dribble. It also allows players to work on different game-like finishes.


a. Start beyond NBA three-point line.


b. Spin ball out, catch on two feet, rip low and long underneath the jump rope, dribbling once to get into finishes.


c. Each finish will be done three times from left, right and center of floor.

– Regular layup

– Power layup: off 2 feet, can use headfake

– Nash layup: keep ball low below waist, and stretch out and flip ball out. Knuckles to backboard.

– Euro step: inside out, and then outside in

– Reverse layup: opposite side of rim

2) Step Across Series

Purpose/Benefits: This drill works on different game-like finishes where both guards and bigs will receive passes in games.


a. You will start standing in the “dead spot” of the court with your back toward the baseline.


b. Spin the ball out to yourself, catching on 2 feet, arch the ball over your head quick and strong while ripping your outside foot across your body so that you are now facing the baseline.


c. You will now finish in a variety of ways doing each finish TWICE on each side.

– Regular score

– Head fake and score

– Crab dribble and score on other side

– Crab dribble, head fake, come back and score on same side

3) Double Moves From Half Court

Purpose/Benefits: This drill improves ball handling, muscle memory, conditioning, go-to moves while working on 3 different finishes.


a. Start at half court with 3 cones lined up in front of you about 4-5 feet apart from each other.


b. You will do a combination of 2 moves per cone and then finish with a layup, floater and pull up jump shot.


c. Do entire series from right, left and center of court

– In and out, cross

– Between legs, cross

– Cross, behind the back

– In and out, hesitate, explode

– Behind the back, between legs cross

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