IMG Basketball Training Series: Shooting

by June 01, 2015

1) 25 Swishes

Purpose/Benefits: This drill creates consistency and perfection in your shot and also allows a player to concentrate and isolate only the shooting arm, hand, wrist, and fingers.


Use only the shooting hand.

a. Stand in front of the rim outside of the charge circle with both feet shoulder width apart.


b. With your shooting hand palm up holding the basketball, raise the ball into correct shooting form (like your delivering a pizza), and make 25 swishes.


c. Make sure you are shooting every shot the exact same with perfect form and follow through. If you don’t swish it, it does not count.

2) Curls and Runaways

Purpose/Benefits: In this drill, you will attack at game speed and shoot shots that you would normally get when coming off of screens in a game.


a. Place a cone 3-4 feet outside of the lane area on each side of the basket. The cones will be directly out from the first hash above the block.


b. The player will start in the corner and come off the first cone and “curl” into the paint for a jump shot.


c. After shooting, the player will then “get their head under the rim” and pause.


d. They will then “runaway” to the other side of the court for a shot.


e. After this shot, they will “curl” into the paint around the other cone and shoot a jump shot.


f. Finally they will get their head under the rim again and pause before sprinting out for another “runaway” shot. The time allotted for this drill is 40 seconds and you need to make 8 shots out of 12 or you must run a sprint down the court and back.

3) Moneyball

Purpose/Benefits: This is a two-person partner drill that emphasizes many skills at once. It puts emphasis on the “Moneyball” for clutch shooting, game speed shots, mechanics, shot fakes, creating space, relocating, and great passes to the shooter’s target hand.


You will need two people and one basketball. 

a. Each player takes a turn of shooting three shots, the first of which is worth 3 points, and the other two shots being worth 1 point. The first shot is worth 3 points because it is the “Moneyball.” It puts emphasis and pressure on making the first shot.


b. After shooting the third shot, the other player will receive a pass from the rebounder and the rebounder will relocate to become the shooter. This shooter will now shoot three shots and repeat. This drill can be played to a certain number of points or can be played for a time limit.

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