7-Foot Recruit Thon Maker Shows Off Guard Skills (VIDEO)

The Sudan native demonstrates his unique repertoire.
by October 19, 2015

Thon Maker has long been known as one of the most dynamic players in the Class of 2016. Ever since he first came to the States from Australia and made his debut as a seventh grader at the John Lucas Midwest Invitational, CityLeagueHoops has been filming him. Following him through his stops in New Orleans, Virginia, and now Canada, Ty Kish has gathered more film of Maker than anyone on this planet. Having produced three videos of Thon with more than a million views, the latest mixtape released comes with a new focus: Showcasing his guard skills.

As the video shows, there aren’t many seven footers in the world who can do the things that Thon Maker can do. He has a great handle in the open floor, crazy vision, and the ability to shoot the ball out to the NBA three point line. While some people prematurely threw out Kevin Durant comparisons, Thon’s game more closely resembles that of a young Kevin Garnett as a face-up power forward. Throughout his time on the AAU circuit this spring and summer, he took that next step as a prospect and showed that not only can he do work facing the rack, but is continually improving with his back to the basket as well.

With no time table set for a decision for Thon, sources close to the situation told SLAMonline that Arizona State, St. John’s, and Notre Dame have been recruiting him the hardest as of late.